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Osedea in the news

Osedea Leading the Innovation Charge: A Dive into CES Las Vegas

Marie-Pier Houle
Jan 26 ∙ 1 min
Las Vegas CES 2024

Osedea took center stage at last week’s CES in Las Vegas, the unrivaled global tech extravaganza sprawling across 12 cutting-edge venues and dominating a colossal 2 million square feet. In our world, it's not just an event; it's a manifestation of one of our core values: Go big or go home!

Martin Coulombe, our president, had the opportunity to take part in the event as part of a large Quebec delegation including lots of partners and esteemed clients: XPR Labs Inc., Aluminerie Alouette, SmartOne, Napoleon.

Automated Construction Site by Hyundai
Hyundai Motor Company is showcasing future technologies from across Hyundai Motor Group

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. In the realm of AgTech, we're witnessing the future unfold. Computer vision, the wizardry that deciphers animal behavior, detects diseases, and optimizes fertilizer application, is redefining the game.

Nicholas Nadeau and Martin Coulombe
Nicholas Nadeau and Martin Coulombe

These groundbreaking innovations are more than just glimpses into the future – they're blueprints for what's to come. They fuel our passion and ambition, inspiring us as we dive headfirst into the limitless possibilities that 2024 holds for your projects.