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Thinkers. Leaders. Doers.
Osedea team member sitting at a table with colleagues, engaged in discussion and looking at a shared screen.

At the heart of our mission lies a burning passion for nurturing a brighter tomorrow. We adopt a people-first approach—prioritizing our clients, our team, and our community. We push boundaries to make work that not only meets expectations, but exceeds them.

With a growth mindset at our core, we continuously innovate and evolve. Join us on this journey to shape a future brimming with endless possibilities and dreams turned into reality.

Osedea team member sitting at a table with colleagues, engaged in discussion and looking at a shared screen.
Osedea team members sitting at a table, smiling and discussing ideas enthusiastically.

What we do

We develop cutting-edge, innovative solutions that make the world more efficient and enjoyable.

Nestled in the vibrant city of Montreal, our office is a dynamic fusion of technology, art, and creativity—offering the very best of all three. This bilingual metropolis isn’t just our home; it’s where Osedea was born. The city’s pulsating energy and pioneering spirit echo our own ethos.

With a flair for creativity, we specialize in digital product design, software development, AI, and robotics. Our diverse client roster spans local and international powerhouses across manufacturing, mining, HealthTech, Fintech and numerous other sectors.

Discover more about our offerings and our unique approach on our services page.

Our services
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Two Osedea team members sitting on a couc engaged in a discussion about content displayed on a laptop.

Our team source code


We cultivate a performance-minded culture akin to that of an elite sports team. Our goal is to excel in everything we do, delivering unparalleled results to our clients, our team, and our community. We collaborate with mental preparators for Olympic athletes, prioritize mental health, and continually challenge ourselves to improve.

A unique organizational structure

We operate without a formal hierarchy, functioning instead as a group of intrapreneurs committed to bettering the world. This structure nurtures creativity, learning, and autonomy, allowing our team members to pursue multiple paths to success—be it through technical expertise, innovation, or leadership. This flexible framework accelerates career growth and delivers exceptional outcomes to our clients, without the burdens of traditional corporate structures

Innovation at our core

We eagerly adopt new technologies that can advance our clients’ interests and continuously challenge the status quo. Our talent and culture team views their role not as HR but as R&D, constantly seeking feedback, piloting innovative programs, and striving for continual improvement.

People-first approach 

We are deeply committed to enriching the lives of our team members, regardless of the duration of their journey with us. We invest in their financial, personal, and professional development. This people-first philosophy extends beyond our team to our clients and the broader community, ensuring we forge long-lasting, win-win relationships.

Contributing to our community

Simply put, we care. We are actively involved in and deeply care about the dynamic tech community. Giving back is a cornerstone of our ethos. We dedicate our time and resources to supporting youth, mental health, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

Based in
Montréal, Canada
A young Osedea employee smiling at a colleague, casually holding her hand behind her neck in a relaxed posture.
Three Osedea team members, two women and a man, sitting on a couch and collaboratively discussing what they see on a laptop screen.

Accolades and expertise 

SOC 2 Type II compliant

In a world where companies increasingly depend on software for their daily operations, security is a paramount concern. Since 2022, Osedea has been SOC-2 Type II compliant. Rest assured, we have conducted our due diligence and take your security seriously. 

AWS Select partner

Our objective is to identify efficient tools that enhance customer value and profitability. We are at the forefront of innovation, continually testing the latest AWS technologies to ensure top-tier solutions

Certified Google Cloud experts

Google Cloud is essential for many businesses, and our team is specifically trained to tailor cloud solutions to your unique business needs. This expertise enables us to deliver innovation, speed, and quality.

QueerTech corporate member

We are dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our partnership with QueerTech connects us with a vibrant community of 2SLGBTQ+ professionals and allies, creating an inclusive environment for everyone.

Boston Dynamics solutions partner

We partner with this innovative company in Robotics to help support end-to-end solutions, educate people on the Spot robot and its potential.

Mila partner

Mila is a Quebec AI Institute, with the largest concentration of deep learning academic researchers globally. We proudly partner with them to help our clients meet their business needs.

REAI member

REAI is the grouping of industrial automation companies. Through our membership we are able to better service manufacturing companies in the eastern Canada market with world-class automation experience.

STIQ member

We are part of Quebec's largest manufacturing network. This multi-industry association has a mission to improve competitveness of manufacturing supply chains in order to promote the development of our economy.


Work with great people and build solutions that make a real impact

Choosing a career with us is more than just joining a workplace—it’s embarking on a journey that enriches your life. Our promise to you includes talented and caring colleagues who elevate each other. We are committed to investing in both you and your work-life harmony.

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Osedea team member sitting in a meeting and pointing out details on a screen to colleagues.