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Embark on your professional adventure 

Join a team that cares deeply and pursues passion relentlessly. At Osedea, your role extends beyond just a job—it’s a rewarding journey in a place vibrant with obsession for technology and innovation. Aligned with our forward-thinking vision, we tirelessly strive to craft a workplace brimming with positive opportunities. We ensure our team members are well-supported—financially, professionally, and personally—because when you thrive, we all succeed. 

Work with great people, create great things

Curious about our company culture? It’s nothing short of awesome—just ask any of us. We’re a tight-knit team from across the globe, united by our love for all things tech. Each day, we craft sensational digital solutions, and when the workday ends, we celebrate—together.

At Osedea, we’ve embraced a “structure without managers,” aligning with our vision to foster a world brimming with opportunities while keeping work life enjoyable. Here, creativity and autonomy are the bedrock of our environment, enabling everyone to maximize their professional growth. No matter your experience level, you can make significant contributions at Osedea. Your journey here offers paths towards leadership, technical mastery, or innovative pursuits, rewarding you or more than just managing others.

How we hire

We collaborate with intelligent, enthusiastic, and talented individuals who create at an exceptional level rarely seen elsewhere.

Our hiring process is thorough yet streamlined. What sets it apart is the direct connection you’ll make early on with someone who works in your field—no recruiter middleman to pitch you Osedea. It’s a mutual interview process; you’re evaluating us just as much as we are you. Plus, the best part is that you get to visit us and truly get to know us before making your decision.

Life at Osedea

We invest in you, so your journey is rewarding


Our goal is to provide you with the best professional journey possible. We recognize that everyone has unique needs and that much of our time is spent at work. That’s why it’s crucial for us to invest in your financial, personal, and professional well-being. Over the years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing meaningful and unique benefits that truly make a difference for our team.We work with intelligent, smiling, talented people who are capable of creating on a level that is hard to find elsewhere.

Dreams come true

After two years with us, all team members receive $5,000 and an extra week of vacation to embark on a personal project.

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Nudge towards your financial goals

We contribute to our team members' pension plans, ensuring that your hard work pays off in the future.

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Parental program

Our pioneering “Building Families” program is among the first in Quebec to offer comprehensive fertility, adoption, and parental-leave benefits, helping employees build their families in their own unique way.

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Wellness and productivity spending account

Beyond our health and dental insurance coverage, we provide a spending account to help prioritize your well-being.

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Make long weekends extra long

On top of a generous vacation package, we offer five additional days to extend your summer weekends. Enjoy reduced workweeks and make the most of your time off to pursue your life goals.

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Work from anywhere

Experience working from one of our international offices for 2-6 weeks, or opt for our flexible plan that allows you to work from anywhere—be it a cottage in the mountains or a tropical island—for up to eight weeks.

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Choose how you work

One of the most frequent questions we get: Do you allow remote work? At Osedea, you have the freedom to choose your work setting—whether it’s 100% remote, entirely in the office, or anything in between.

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We’re a company committed to shaping better futures. We put people first, our clients, our employees, and the users we serve. We pursue excellence with our unwavering commitment to make work that goes above and beyond.

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