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Our 2023 time capsule

Thierry Marcoux
Dec 15, 2023 ∙ 4 mins
Osedea 2023 time capsule

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s that time when we reflect back on the year. This one was quintessentially Osedea–365 days marked by innovation, resilience, and growth. Despite the economic headwinds, 2023 stood out as a testament to our team’s ability to not just navigate but thrive in challenging times.

Embracing innovation: AI, robotics & beyond

This year, we took bold steps in the realms of AI, computer vision, and machine learning. Our commitment to these areas wasn’t just a strategic decision, but a leap towards the future. We brought in new skilled experts to our team to lay the groundwork for us to excel in these domains, ensuring that we enter 2024 ready to lead and innovate.

In our journey of innovation, we cast our net wide, focusing on four industries in particular: mining, manufacturing, FinTech and healthcare. Our projects in these sectors not only showcased our technical prowess but also our ability to adapt and deliver solutions tailored to specific industry needs.

Triumphs amidst trials

2023 wasn’t without its challenges. The global economic climate posed hurdles for many, yet the last six months have been the most successful in Osedea’s history. This success is a reflection of our team's resilience and our ability to remain focused and effective, regardless of external circumstances.

Our growth trajectory continued with significant recruitment in the fall, and we’re excited to welcome even more talent in January. One of our key differentiators–a robust design team–continued to set us apart from competitors, enabling us to build on the foundation we laid in previous years.

Celebrating community & connection

This was a year of many events and conferences to strengthen our team and reaffirm our commitment to innovation, community engagement, and continuous learning. Here are some highlights:

ALL IN Conference

Our participation in the ALL IN conference, Canada's largest gathering dedicated to AI, was a melting pot of innovation. Spot, our Boston Dynamics robot, not only caught the eye of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but also demonstrated the significant role robotics can play in automating tasks and boosting the Canadian economy.

Osedea team with Spot and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at ALL IN tradeshow
Osedea team with Spot and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at ALL IN tradeshow


Our annual team-building event was a celebration of our culture and spirit. Held in Montreal, OsedeaFest combined professional development with fun and exploration. The first day focused on customer culture and feedback, followed by collaborative workshops at La Factry (a school for creative sciences). The evening was capped off with a delightful meal at Mauvais Garçons. The second day's Amazing Race through the neighbourhood of Saint-Henri brought the team even closer. It was a perfect blend of learning, bonding, and celebrating our city.

AI Hackathon

April saw the return of our eagerly anticipated AI Hackathon. This year, we delved into generative AI and its potential to streamline everyday life. 18 participants developed AI-powered solutions like automated food ordering systems, AI-assisted interior design tools, and a movie-guessing app–all within 24 hours. The event highlighted the transformative power of AI and our commitment to harnessing its potential for creating efficient, innovative solutions for our clients.

Project highlights

We sunk our teeth into a number of interesting projects this year. Here are a few standouts:

  • Groundbreaking AI projects (we’re excited to share more details on this in 2024!) - We partnered with a manufacturing company on a project using MLOps and with another innovative healthcare startup where we use AI and computer vision to improve dental care.
  • Aluminerie Alouettes - Our innovation team collaborated with the largest aluminum smelter in the Americas to optimize their manufacturing processes with AI and robotics.
  • Flow Factor - We partnered with a Quebec-based neuropsychologist to leverage AI to streamline and automate processes in mental health care, addressing patient backlogs and professional burnout.
  • Société de transport de Montréal (STM) - We explored autonomous robot innovation in the Montreal metro, demonstrating how it’s possible for companies to experiment (affordably) with state of the art robotics technology.
  • Interius Farms - We combined our proficiency in robotics, AI, and data analytics to help this vertical farm digitally transform and bring efficiency, automation, and precision to growing leafy greens and herbs while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Spot at Interius Farms doing dynamic sensing
Spot at Interius Farms doing dynamic sensing

Honours & recognition

We’re proud to have been recognized this year as one of Canada's Top Growing Companies by The Globe and Mail and as a Leader de la croissance en 2023 by L’Actualité, marking us as part of an elite group of businesses in Canada acknowledged for significant growth. Additionally, we're honored as one of Montreal's Top Employers 2023 by Mediacorp Canada Inc. This accolade reflects our commitment to a flexible and supportive work environment. Our "choose how you work" policy, our innovative "Dreams Come True" program, and substantial support for various pathways to parenthood, including financial assistance for fertility treatments and adoption, are key aspects of our dedication to our employees' well-being and work-life balance.

Looking ahead

As we step into 2024, we do so with confidence and enthusiasm. We’re poised to continue our journey of innovation, providing unparalleled client experiences and nurturing our team’s development.

Here’s to another year of pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons!

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