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Osedea in the news

We are features in Le Parisien and Aujourd’hui en France

Arthur Lopez
Mar 07, 2023 ∙ 3 mins
An article about Osedea has been published in the journal Aujourd'hui en France.

Saturday, February 18, 2023, the journal Le Parisien & Aujourd'hui en France, took an interest in our company, and its unique and attractive corporate culture. Here is the full article


This company offers its employees €5,000 and two weeks of vacation

Recently established in Toulouse, Osedea prioritizes the well-being of its employees as a way to foster loyalty in a competitive field, that of artificial intelligence.

BREAKING THE CODES of traditional companies to better balance work and personal life.

That is the objective of this Canadian company, specializing in artificial intelligence and custom software development for nearly 11 years, which recently opened an office in Toulouse in november (Haute-Garonne) after opening an office in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) in 2019. To retain its employees in this highly competitive industry Osedea offers them unexpected benefits tailored to new work habits.

Flexibility is the key here: as long as the results are there, each employee can organize their working hours as they wish. "They can be 100% remote if that's what they want, " says Arthur Lopez, the manager of the Toulouse office, who returned to the Pink City after having spent five years in Montreal.”People are often surprised by our company policy which is not yet common in France. By opening this new office in Toulouse we wanted to export and explore this model with the ambition of offering our employees the best work-life balance possible by allowing them more freedom and liberty regarding their schedule and tasks. We try to put employees in the ideal working conditions by exposing them to the least amount of stress, and therefore achieving better productivity."

Many upcoming recruitments

There are also flexible schedules. Here, each person chooses their own rhythm. An employee can start later in the morning and finish later in the evening, according to their personal constraints.

In the midst of growth and with the goal of hiring about ten people by the end of the year, including designers, web developers, and project managers, the company in Toulouse stands out from its competitors by prioritizing the well-being and loyalty of its staff. Thus, in an industry where the turnover rate is about 13.2 %, it rewards its employees after two years, with the possibility of realizing their dreams by receiving a €5,000 bonus and an additional two weeks of vacation.

"When you're a student, you have the time to travel but not the money to do it, and then when you're employed, you have the money but not the time", explains Arthur Lopez. "To retain our top talents, we offer to assist them in fulfilling their dream trip, undertake home renovations, or any project that makes them happy." Concerned about the importance of family life, Osedea also allows its employees to extend their parental leave in case of childbirth, paying them 100% of their salary for an additional three months beyond the usual period.

Up to €15,000 for IVF or adoption

Sensitive to LGBT issues, which are significant in Montreal, and the trend of having children after the age of thirty, the company also provides financial assistance to couples in starting a family, reimbursing up to €15,000, similar to a health insurance plan, for expenses related to IVF (in vitro fertilization), assisted reproductive technology, or adoption.

In the midst of a national debate on pension reform, this company, which has exported Canadian methods, stands out as an anomaly. "We want to promote this hybrid company model because work-related hardship affects many areas," asserts Arthur Lopez. "We encourage our employees to come to the office, to have contact with their colleagues to foster the company culture, but we also need to have this reflection on more freedom and flexibility."

Julie Rimbert - Correspondent in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)