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London Tech Week - Osedea is enjoying the tech network that London can offer

Joseph Tanner
Jun 20, 2022 ∙ 5 mins
London Tech Week 2022

Why attending #LTW was important

Having spent almost two years away from in-person events, there has been a natural desire to start connecting with new people again; London Tech Week provided us with this opportunity. With a number of events taking place we tried to book ourselves in with as much as possible, we kicked off with day one at the QEII Center, below are a few highlights.

The many talks that were taking place at #LTW, were a chance to gain insight into the strategies and thinking of many global tech companies. Following conversations highlighted that the tech scene in London can still be improved, and diversity, equality and inclusion were topics that we enjoyed learning about. Whilst we were there we also learnt more about how we as a software company can continue to contribute to the humanisation of technology by building products that support core human needs. The challenges that technology companies face to innovate will also be tested culturally, how as a company invested in this industry be on the right side.

We would also like to thank Nikki Wicks, CEO of The Body Coach, Riya Pabari, CEO of Framework, Ali Parsa, CEO of Babylon Health, Mursal Hedayat MBE, CEO of Chatterbox, Lisa Shu, Founder of Faculty, Alex Mahon, CEO of Channel 4, Natasha Pope, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs and Erin Platts , President of UK Branch of Silicon Valley Bank. Each of these individuals shared some fantastic experiences and insights we can learn from to grow our company here in the UK.

Take away

Growing as a leader in your company - “Enjoy the journey and focus on the tasks that give you energy. There’s no right way to do this, be authentic, and don’t be afraid to ask for help."

- Nikki Wicks and Riya Pubari

Creating the mission behind your technology - “As humans, we all have the same core needs. We all have the ingenuity to solve human problems, it’s up to us to choose where we can be impactful.”

- Ali Parsa and Mursal Hedayat

Building a team designed for success - “We can do more to get the right people into decision-making power, finding more solutions for people from DE&I backgrounds. Diverse teams bring greater results.”

- Lisa Shu, Alex Mahon, Natasha Pope, and Erin Platts

Compilation of talks at #LTW

What else was in store for Osedea during #LTW?

We returned to the QEII for some networking opportunities, we bumped shoulders with some new people and also some old acquaintances. The beauty of an in-person event is the chances of off-the-cuff conversations triple. It was brilliant to bump into Pete Hallett for the first time in 8 years, learning about his new venture with Authentic Technologies, and sharing insights into building an agency. Whilst we also met Joanna Lee and Dominik Öller, both parties shared insights into projects from Singapore and Austria respectively, with opportunities to help our business operation develop here in the UK.

Recap of the two days at the QEII by Hannah Williams

See the wonderful work of Hannah Williams who recapped the two days at the QEII quite remarkably.

Different industry perspectives were exchanged on the day, focussing on climate change, serverless architecture and robotics. So, after the QEII sessions, talks and networking were over, we headed over to a wonderful event at the Quebec Embassy, hosted by Startup Genome. CEO JF Gauthier and his co-founders hosted a wonderful meet-up to introduce us to their work on understanding the global transformation of start-ups in the last decade. Quite a brilliant initiative to be privy to, whilst allowing us to meet more people in the tech world. More thanks must be given to Dominic Toupin for welcoming us back to the site. Elyas Felfoul, for opening up our horizons from Montreal to Qatar and sharing his insights into the world of edTech in the region. Masahiro Tsukao who is the COO of RouteX Inc. has been traveling around Europe to gain insights into the differing tech eco-systems, to improve the technology collaboration opportunities for Japan, and we would love to open up both Nantes and Montreal to this project. We also met Kathy Surarittipong who headed up speakers and partnerships at Techsauce in Thailand, who knows maybe in the near future Osedea will be up on stage.

 JF Gauthier, Startup Genome CEO, sharing his thoughts on the global transformation of start-ups in the last decade

We love robotics, so what did tech week have in store?

We were invited to the Aries Robotics launch event because of our working relationship with Boston Dynamics in Quebec, we were interested in seeing what else is happening in the market. We joined a host of robotic friends and learnt more about their AI plans to support areas such as commerce, edTech and healthTech.

This was a really insightful event and we are looking forward to visiting their store once it opens. Excited to see the return of robot wars, the growth of Maxx and also the usefulness of Autism Robotics in the future. Thank you to our partner Kelston Smith for inviting us to the event.

We love robotic

To recap our week

We had a wonderful time at #LTW and cannot thank everyone who took part enough. We are currently building our team at Osedea UK and we would like to hear from you if you’re interested in joining our wonderful team.

What is critical is a curiosity about technology. As we build our team, the goal is to attract those with the desire for autonomy and the ambition to excel in a new challenge. You will be one of our first engineering hires and you should be comfortable with this responsibility.

Our expanding London office is looking for technologists who want to innovate, bring ideas to life and work on exciting projects. If you like collaborating and enjoy being a part of different tech communities we want to hear from you.