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Osedea in the news

Spot in the news

Ivana Markovic
Dec 14, 2021 ∙ 1 min
Article in Le Devoir about the Spot robot

Since we became solutions partner with Boston Dynamics, for the Spot robot, Osedea and Spot made the headlines in Québec. The innovative technology behind Spot can bring creative solutions for many industries, more particularly in the current labour shortage context. To find our take on Spot and its capabilities you can read our blog post on this topic.

For additional information, here are different stories from the media in the past few weeks where you can learn a little bit more.

Article in Le Devoir

Alain McKenna detailed article explaining possible applications for Spot and its potential in the market.

Video segment on Le Téléjournal Québec from Radio-Canada (French CBC)

Spot took a trip to Québec City with our team to be part of the evening news. Jean-François Blanchet talks to us about all the applications for Spot in this story.

Osedea voit dans le robot Spot une solution pour remédier à la pénurie de main-d’œuvre dans le Journal de Montréal

The journalist André Boily does a complete report of how Spot and Osedea can help the current labor shortage context in Québec.