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Osedea in the news

How a Montreal software firm like Osedea helps U.S. companies surf digital waves

Ivana Markovic
Apr 21, 2021 ∙ 3 mins
United States Flag

Many companies in the U.S. have approached us for software development services, and that number has increased during the pandemic. Some are hesitant, “who owns the IP rights?“, “we have our internal software engineers already - what else could you bring to the table?”, “there is no visibility for the quality of work I’d receive”.

And when I asked our current clients why they partner with Osedea, I received:

“They’re dynamic and innovative. They have great ideas and opened our minds to new possibilities."

"Osedea’s team is extremely dedicated."

(See for yourself on Clutch)

Some gave me very practical answers - they’re simply on hiring freeze and need to meet internal demands, and that they can leverage resources from both our offices in North America and Europe. But all in all, why should US companies trust Osedea for their tech projects? Here’s why:

Better return on investment

We’re a software firm with our head office at the heart of the Montreal technology ecosystem. We hone our skills through high demand work for clients such as Autodesk, Solvay, CAE and leverage AI resources for optimization. Affordability of the city remains due to its socioeconomic policies, compared to cities of similar growth such as Toronto, Vancouver and top cities in the US. According to the latest US 2020 CBRE Tech Talent report, Montreal provides unbeatable price-performance. Many tech giants such as Google and IBM set shop here to take advantage of the workforce talent, and leverage the ecosystem that extends to AI researchers at top universities such as McGill. Better yet, IP rights belong to clients - we’re here to service and realize your visions.

We speak your language

We’re a multicultural firm! Aside from our native languages of French and English, we speak 12 languages. We recently are in discussion with a European company to design a solution to improve internal resource management and social cohesion. One of their requests is that we have resources to address the cultural and language barrier for their local office in Asia during workshops. Guess what? We have that resource and gladly took on the challenge! We’ve also tackled Solvay’s design workshop in Spanish which took place in Chile. Here’s a short recap of what we did to digitize complex chemical processing.

When we say language, we don’t stop at spoken languages. We understand your value propositions, and our designers are highly in tune with user psychology to optimize design thinking principles. This is how we create well thought out designs and bring our software work to life.

Bonus point: Montreal is simply beautiful and diverse!

Montreal is a beautiful and safe city to visit during business trips, we embody not only European and North American cultures, but also Jewish, Arabic… This means that you could find delicious cultural foods, and highly rated restaurants are within arm’s reach. Its diverse spirit is an added value when building software for diverse users. Enjoy the European Old Montreal part of the city, the African, Asian Summer Festivals, or the world’s largest jazz festival in the world. While you take a nice stroll along Canal Lachine, check out our river surfing pros!

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a shout out, let’s talk how we could help you surf those digital waves!

Photo credit: Bermix Studio