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UX/UI Designer

London’s Growing Office:

We are building our team in London and this role is currently the most important role we will hire for design purposes as you will be our first team member in this area of the business in London. However, you will be joining an energetic team of designers based in Montreal and Nantes, whilst working with our engineers to explore and build products people will love to use.

Our design team is scaling, we are looking for someone who wants to engage with more than just implementation, we are looking to uncover designers who take pride in their knowledge and are comfortable sharing this with clients and the project team to benefit the overall growth of the business. You will need to be comfortable with engaging in business development opportunities and sharing the knowledge you have acquired to scope projects, support client growth and develop the skill sets of designers who are newer to the industry than yourself.

Who we are

We’re a thriving and agile tech development firm. People are at the center of everything we do. Simply put, we care. Our team personally cares about our clients and the world around them, and we care about our team’s life-long dreams, aspirations, and career development.

We strongly believe in the power of community. This is why we seek opportunities to build meaningful relationships with everyone around us. We’re like a family, but with people from all over the world.

We celebrate diversity in all its forms. Backgrounds, personalities, career paths, languages... you name it. We actively innovate, learn, and share stories around the topic. We want everyone to feel welcomed and included in all we do.

We like having fun and enjoying ourselves. We wake up every day inspired to build a more efficient and enjoyable world.

Role Overview

Our new UX/UI Designer at Osedea will have the opportunity to work on projects spanning a wide variety of industries. She or he will work with internal and external teams and will have a critical impact on mobile, web, and experimental solutions that reach thousands of people.

You may be the right fit for us if you’re an expert at clearly communicating ideas and accepting feedback, you have a strong sense of ownership, and you’re passionate about finding optimal design solutions that address both user and business needs.

The responsibilities listed below are mentioned to give you a reference point for our processes and practices. Above all else, we look at personal ability and potential for growth when hiring for this position.

Day to day responsibilities:

  • Meet with clients, users, and stakeholders to define user needs
  • Participate in and lead Design Thinking workshops with client teams
  • Produce user flows, site maps, mood boards, and design systems
  • Produce sketches, wireframes, and prototypes
  • Present and test work with developers, clients, users, and fellow designers
  • Participate in quality assurance practices with developers throughout the production

The ideal candidate has

  • 3-5 years of experience working with both UX and UI design
  • A portfolio to demonstrate your skills
  • English working-level proficiency
  • Comfortable using Figma, would be a plus

Interview Process:

- Initial call with Bea to get to know each other (15-30 mins)

- Then we will send you a design challenge focused on prototypes, wireframes, and a general approach.

  • You have up to 4 days to complete this challenge

If the challenge is successful Bea will book a 1-hour interview for you

  • 30 min HR interview with Bea, we’re interested in understanding your motivations.
  • 30 min Technical interview with 2 designers, we’re going to walk through your challenge and talk about design.

- Once we are finished here you’ll meet Joe and Martin for 30 minutes to walk-through starting dates and A.O.B

Joe Tanner -

Martin Coulombe -

Bea Godoy -


  • You’ll get 25 days of annual leave, and 8 bank holidays - that’s 33 days in total
  • One of the most common questions we get is: do you allow remote work? At Osedea, you get to choose whether you work 100% remote, 100% at the office or anywhere in between.
  • We have a flexible office space in Central London in 2022 where you can float in and out to brainstorm, catch up, have 1-2-1s and socialise
  • Team members have the opportunity to work from one of our international offices for 2-6 weeks, expenses such as flights and stay costs are covered by Osedea.
  • We also have a plan that allows you to work from anywhere, whether it's a cottage in the mountains or a tropical island, for up to eight weeks.
  • A diverse and inclusive team, with people from all walks of life.
  • Regular spontaneous work events, locally and internationally.
  • 5% matched employer pension contribution
  • Private health insurance including dependents
  • Generous primary caregiver package, 1 weeks of full pay
  • Building families, up to £12.5k for fertility treatments, adoption, etc
  • Dreams come true, work with us for 2 years and we’ll pay you £3k and give you an extra week of holiday, whether a surfing trip to Costa Rica or a Kitchen Renovation, the choice is yours.
  • In addition to our insurance coverage (health and dental), we offer a spending account to enable you to prioritise your well-being.