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Exit Excel, hello Aïdi: uncomplicated construction project management

PHP, Angular, Docker, Ansible
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Simply put, Aïdi is a uniquely comprehensive web application that offers the world’s most affordable and complete solution for construction project management. Aïdi is used by thousands of construction project managers around the world to ensure that their projects stay on schedule and on budget.

Screen capture from A¨idi application showing the budget feature

Construction site view from bottom to top

The task at hand

All kinds of organizations, from companies such as Sobey’s, to hospitals, to municipal governments, use Aïdi to oversee the hundreds of construction projects they may have on the go at any one time. We were excited to have the chance to work on the Aïdi project, and flex our tech strategy muscles in interesting new ways. As it turns out, we ended up becoming Aïdi’s long-term technology partner, which means we still work closely with them today.

Aïdi application showing the projects you can manage

Challenge accepted

The main reason the Aïdi web application needed to be so robust was that it had to let its users easily manage majorly large-scale projects - with big-time budgets to match. There really was no room for surface-level coding here, and certainly no room for error. So we spend a good chunk of time mapping out the intricacies of how the application would work, as well as how it could be programmed to facilitate easy viewing of the many different data sets it would be used to track (Aïdi users needed to be able to get an at-a-glance view of how their construction projects were progressing).

But we didn’t stop there…

In addition to creating the Aïdi web application, we also automated the infrastructure management (known as “DevOps”) for Aïdi based on what we’d learned during an R&D project that we had completed previously. Now we can tweak Aïdi’s servers remotely for them in less than 60 seconds! This is a great example of how we like to do our own research and pass along the benefits to the client.

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Project details
Web Application for Aïdi in 2012-2020
Technologies used
  • PHP
  • Angular
  • Docker
  • Ansible