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Boosting efficiencies in mining with the help of raw data, data analytics, and models

React JS, Docker, Laravel, Google Cloud Platform, Bitbucket Pipelines
Overhead open-pit mine

Solvay, a specialty chemicals company, recently pioneered a new method for optimizing solvent extraction inside mines. They asked us to create an easy-to-use, scalable app that would allow their account managers to monitor this complicated process, which we were happy to complete for them in July.

React and PHP custom web application to optimise mining yields data analyses of a copper mine

Meet SolvExtract™

The app, called SolvExtract™, lets Solvay use natural resources sparingly and efficiently. It catches raw data, generates data analytics and leverages models to push operating recommendation notifications. Finally, it scales easily. And thanks to its buttery-smooth user interface, it’s super easy to use. Today, Solvay’s account managers use the app to compile and communicate their recommendations to plant metallurgists. Who, in turn, can clearly see which recipe they should use to optimize mineral extraction at any given moment. Talk about efficiency.

Challenge accepted

To tackle this project, we had to get familiar with various chemistry concepts and calculations. We also needed to process thousands of data points, while executing complex algorithms at the same time. Plus everything had to happen lightning-fast — so mine operators could react quickly. And if all that wasn’t complicated enough, our client was based in Princeton, New Jersey, the mine was located in Chile, Solvay’s infrastructure team was in Singapore. Quite the challenge indeed. Which we accepted. With gusto.

“We chose Osedea because of their impressive expertise. We also loved how they continually pushed themselves to improve. And they know a lot about bleeding-edge technologies.”

The team at Solvay

We speak your language

We also trained Solvay employees on the app. In both English and Spanish, so that everyone, in all three locations, was up to speed on how to use it. It’s how we made sure SolvExtract™ was 100% successfully implemented across the board. So shout-out to our multilingual Osedea family. We couldn’t have done it without them.

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Project details
Web and mobile application for Solvay in 2018, 2019
Technologies used
  • React JS
  • Docker
  • Laravel
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Bitbucket Pipelines