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Automated quality assurance

We use automated tools to run tests on the software being developed and report on the results.

What are the goals of automated quality assurance?

Automated testing handles many of the time-consuming tasks that were previously carried out by manual testers. It’s especially useful for continuous integration and delivery, where software is developed, tested, and deployed multiple times per day (rather than in stages). Automation comes with many benefits including:

  • Fast feedback because tests can be executed faster and more often, therefore reducing the feedback cycle for newly developed features
  • Continuous testing as tests can be executed over and over within a Continuous integration / Continuous deployment environment
  • Test coverage increases as more tests can be allotted
  • Test reusability as tests can expose any aspect of the application to different approaches and configuration
  • Maximized ROI and accelerated time-to-market as faster tests yield faster results including product releases, without compromising on software quality

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Functional testing

From software engineering to robotics, we combine our wide-ranging expertise to build autonomous automated solutions for the core markets we service.