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Osedea in the news

Tailor-made software and the cultural advantage Osedea is bringing to the UK

Joseph Tanner
Mar 08, 2022 ∙ 3 mins
Image of Big Ben in London

After we launched our first international office in Nantes, France in 2019, we were on the hunt for the next tech-forward market to bring our high quality custom software solutions. It became clear that London was the next logical move for us. Now that we’ve cut the ribbon on our UK operations, allow us to (re)introduce ourselves.

Osedea in a nutshell

Osedea was founded in Montréal, Canada in 2011. For more than a decade, we’ve delivered bespoke development solutions to our clients across the globe to help them meet their goals and innovate in their respective industries. We have experience working with modern methodologies, cutting edge technologies and applying advanced practices that will benefit your digital projects. We seek to attract the most talented employees and clients who value creativity, autonomy and innovation.

Choosing Osedea means working with people who eat, sleep and breathe technology. We’re invested in creating a positive and stimulating culture for our creative and competent team members, which results in low turnover and high engagement. We invite you to check out our blog to learn more about our company culture.

UK colleagues

Why we’re excited about our London adventure

When weighing options for the location of our third headquarters, we sought out a vibrant and diverse city with internationally recognised technical talent that would fit well with our offices in Montréal and Nantes.

London is a diversity hub, boasting over 300 languages and being home to more than 270 nationalities. The city has the cultural equity to help deliver the highest quality services. It’s also one of the most important technology hubs in the world, recognised in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2021 as the 2nd most innovative city in the world.

This new market offers the perfect ecosystem—a mix of top technical talent, education, accelerator programs that spark innovation, and some large organisations that have been fueling innovation for decades.

We’re thrilled to bring our skills, values and company culture to the UK, so that we can service local companies and offer incredible career opportunities to local talent.

The Sunday roasts aren’t bad either!

The Osedea factor

We hope we piqued your interest.

Still need convincing? Here are a few more reasons to partner with us for your custom software development:

  • We work in hybrid teams across our markets. Not only will you benefit from the best talent in the UK, you’ll have access to our experts in Montréal and Nantes (two markets recognised for highly specialised technical talent). In addition, we’ll be able to service you across multiple time zones. This means that progress on your project keeps going, even when your workday is over.
  • Osedea is recognised for a brilliant corporate culture. In 2021 we won the Mercure Award in Canada for employer of the year in the SME category. Despite the current context of high turn-over and labour shortage in the marketplace, we’re able to attract and retain top talent, which ensures you have continuity on your project.
  • Our team is growth and performance driven on our mission to make our world more efficient and enjoyable. We invest heavily in our team’s mental health and performance, for instance: we work with JF Ménard (mental coach of Olympians) to build resilience in our team, have an annual mental health month, and we enforce quiet hours to “wire in” (secure cockpit) and to foster productive conditions.
  • We harness the entrepreneurial mindset of our team. This ensures that we follow recognised software and design practices to ensure you get the most effective outcome for your project. We keep our ear to the ground with current trends.
  • But don’t just take it from us, see what our clients have to say on Clutch.

Interested in working with Osedea in London? Check out our open roles.

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Photo credit: Lucas Davies