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With our tech skills in your corner, nothing is impossible.

Together we can...

Find your direction

Know you’ve got a challenge that a digital transformation can solve, but not sure how to approach things from there? Our powerful Discovery process makes use of focus groups, interviews with key stakeholders, and sketching to get to the root of what you need - and what you don’t. By blending Design Thinking and Sprint methodology, we guide you in identifying what your optimal digital solution should look like. We’ll help you to determine what features should be in your app, while eliminating the risk of creating something that solves the wrong problems.

Improve an experience

Are you looking to optimize the way your customers, audience, or users engage with what you offer? We can work with you to create a next-level product that will revolutionize the way people interact with your brand and products or services. We did this for TVA Sports, building them a mobile app that delivers a vast amount of content quickly and efficiently, while functioning flawlessly on both iOS and Android.

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Create something new

Do you have an idea for an app, software, or startup that’s ready to take the world by storm? What you need is a crew of experts who can be your strategic and practical partners in crime, guiding you around common pitfalls while making sure your new creation is built right, the first time. If this sounds like you, check out the story of Aïdi, a groundbreaking industry-specific software that elevates the operations of businesses that have construction projects.

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Elevate your organization

Trying to become more efficient or profitable in your existing business? Wondering if there’s a new technology (or a blend of them) that you could leverage to make that happen - but it’s not something you have the resources to handle in-house? We can help with that. It’s exactly what we did for Solvay, who wanted a new, better way to extract copper using solvents inside their mines. We created an app for them that allows them to do this much more efficiently, and their bottom line grew as a result.

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Dream big

When you have a vision of revolutionizing some aspect of your industry, you need a strategic partner that can dream as big as you do - and who has the ability to fearlessly combine different technologies that bridge the digital and the physical worlds. If you’re seeking to boldly reinvent the status quo, we’re the tech experts for you. Just ask the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, who hired us to create an immersive new way for museum guests to experience their exhibits.

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