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How our UK office can help you get ahead in 2023?

Joseph Tanner
Jan 04, 2023 ∙ 2 mins
Osedea's team in a meeting

As our new year gets underway, we, as businesses, begin to plan our approach for a successful 2023. As we start Q1, January has a lot of lean modelling on the horizon. Last Quarter we all took our time and patience to stabilise our businesses. We each anticipated how we could return feeling sharper, more confident and more aligned so that this year would begin successfully.

At Osedea in the UK, we aim to help you achieve your conceptual and development ambitions. Whether your plans will consist of new product development, diversification of your implementation teams, audits of your products or automation of your service offerings, we have a base in the UK with international prowess to help you achieve this.

Bespoke Service Offerings

We outline our offer to you in five simple steps:

  1. Let’s begin with a 20-30 minute conversation, on the phone or over coffee; you can choose the location, and the coffee is on us.
  2. Once we understand where we align and what you need to start on, we take one of two directions:

    a. Give us 3-5 days to audit your design concepts or software.

    b. Let’s take 3-5 days to meet our team, discuss topics, including your project team makeup and select the perfect profiles for you.

  3. Direction A and we provide you with a full report and documented solution overview for the project you wish to undertake. You have a commercial proposal for the work within a week and a project team. Whether you require a UX/UI project or a Bespoke Software Project, our Canadian and French teams can provide you with a high-quality partnership led by our experienced project managers.
  4. Direction B becomes far more straightforward as a solution for you. Let’s pre-empt that your goal is to hit feature goals over the next quarter or two, and you are ambitiously looking to raise in again within 12 months. A partnership will relinquish the burden of onboarding, PAYE, benefits, pensions, etc. Whereas many companies provide you with a service, Osedea will provide you with a team that fits your solution, becoming a reliable ally in 2023.
  5. You’re looking for a flexible and agile solution to begin 2023 on the front foot. We work in two-week sprints, our SOW’s come with quarterly flexibility, and our commercial price points are attractive for your budget.

We are the client partnerships you’re looking for, with over 50 projects and 10-plus years of experience. To everyone who is reading this, happy 2023. This year, we start smarter, leaner and keep thriving!