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Innovation with robots

Within the current context of a labour shortage amidst public health concerns, we see massive potential for the impact robots can have on core markets. By becoming an official Boston Dynamics solution partner for Canada, we’ve positioned Osedea to innovate in this space. We combine our expertise in software design and engineering to build autonomous automated solutions.

Why invest in robot innovation?

Robots can be leveraged to free up humans to focus on more complex problems. By replacing repetitive tasks with automated solutions, and building in autonomy when applicable, we increase return on investment for our clients. With Boston Dynamics' Spot robot, we can bring in any number of sensing, detecting, or other types of equipment into scheduled solutions. Some benefits include:

  • Consistent, accurate and reliable data collection which cannot be matched by a human
  • A fourth dimension of insight on data—time
  • Removal of humans from the four 4 Ds of robotization: Dull, Dirty, Dangerous and Dear jobs
  • Humans allowed to shift from the mundane to more stimulating work.

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