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Corporate culture

Five reasons that will make you want to be part of our team

Ivana Markovic
Nov 02, 2020 ∙ 3 mins
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Hello future candidate!

Are you looking for an inspiring job with talented coworkers in the tech industry? Are you excited to learn everyday while having fun? If so, Osedea is the perfect place for you!

We’re a growing custom software development company that launched in 2011 in the beautiful city of Montréal (Canada). Now we offer rewarding careers in technology in Montréal, Nantes (France) and the UK. Interested in joining the group? Here’s a glimpse into what everyday life looks like at Osedea.

Go big or go home

We love new ideas! Our team members take the initiative to make the company, our clients and the tech community better. Regardless of experience, everyone has a voice. We’re always open to new opportunities. Our initiative like Code in the Dark and many others were created by people just like you! We also dare to dream big with our clients.

We thrive on complex challenges that will rethink how our world functions and make it more efficient and enjoyable for all. Take a look at our Montreal Museum of Fine Arts case study to see us in action.

We eat, sleep, breathe technology

From day one, you’ll get a chance to explore with different technologies and discover new ones. We were one of the first studios in Montréal to launch apps with React Native stack. In the past year we’ve expanded into AI. Our team is ALWAYS looking to improve. We love going to technology conferences and Hackathons, we love that so much that we regularly host internal Hackathons.

Not convinced? Here are some of the technologies we work with and explore regularly: React Native, React, Angular, Node.js, Laravel, Ansible, Docker, Blockchain, Chatbots, AI, Flutter, AR/VR and many more. You can take a look at our projects to learn more about how we put these into action, or if you want to find out more about these technologies take a look at the software development section of our blog.

Diversity is our middle name

We are committed to diversity and inclusion, and we make sure it’s everyone’s priority, not just a corporate metric to appear good. Our team is full of people from around the world. Walk into our offices and you might hear as many as nine different languages being spoken! Osedea’s diversity isn’t just at an individual level either. Our Diversiteam ensures that we embrace this value and bring it to life continuously. You can read more about this topic in our blog on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

We have clients across several sectors, including culture and media. We work with startups and large companies. And to top it off, we also work with diverse frameworks for different projects, and are constantly learning new ones. At Osedea, you’ll always be learning and will never get bored!

Growing together is what matters most

We want our group to improve and develop professionally. We want them to become better at what they do. We want them to be both challenged and rewarded everyday. We have a similar mindset for our clients and suppliers. We want to work together to enable everyone to grow. And we love to recognize each other, through our strong praise culture.

Our company structure is uniquely designed to make sure we center it around exciting career opportunities, not titles or hierarchies. While we do not have managers at Osedea, you’ll have a ton of opportunities to evolve as a leader.

Simply put: we care

At Osedea, we care about our team. We offer extensive extensive benefits and opportunities that are hard to find anywhere else. One great example is our Dreams Come True initiative, where we help a team member achieve a dream they have. It can be anything from taking a cooking class in Italy to volunteering with children in developing countries to hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. The team member gets $5 000 and six weeks off to pursue it. Dream on when you work at Osedea!

We also care about our community. Every year, we host our annual programming and design school, for the kids in our neighbourhood to encourage them in pursuing careers in technology.

Watch the video of our team:

Photo credit: Javier Allegue Barros