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UX and UI support to create a unique business platform

Paediatrician with their patient

Our client Vyv3 is a subsidiary of the leading social and healthcare support group in France. Vyv3 IT (IT Management) came to us for help creating an online platform to power all of the group's businesses, which include different aspects of group care and in-home offerings. They needed a platform to help them to more easily manage activities and analyze data in the areas of strategic projects, accounting, and human resources.

Vyv3’s existing suite of tools was complicated to access and use. We set out to create something simple and refined, facilitating access to many different tools “under one roof”. The new platform had to be adaptable to the unique way that each user type interfaces with the tools. Here’s how we made it happen.

Screen shot of Vyv3 Application

Gif with demo of Vyv3 Application

The context

Since 2017, Vyv3 has released more and more tools to its employees (like IBM TM1, Qlik or internal tools), in order to help more than 300 collaborators to analyze data, measure objectives and results, and make decisions. Because each of these tools worked so differently and lived in its own separate sphere, it was challenging to remember how to connect to and use each of them. There was no sense of coherence, and users frequently got frustrated and gave up - which meant they often relied on guesswork or incomplete data analysis to make decisions.

The challenge

Vyv3’s IT team had heard about Osedea’s user-centered design approach, which includes our unique take on UX and UI. When we got started on the project, we began by understanding the needs of the people who would be interacting with the new platform, and the obstacles to use that they’d experienced in the past. We did this through a series of in-depth user interviews that allowed us to understand the psychology of users: their struggles and desired outcomes.

Then we designed personas to embody the different user personas that would be using the platform, and prioritized them. Through ideation and co-creation workshops, we mapped out the architecture for the new platform, and proposed new user journeys based on the personas. The idea was to organize the information that we gathered as simply as possible, while detailing all navigation principles. We produced sketches and wireframes and turned them into a clickable prototype that we had users test out. Including users from the very start of the project allowed us to validate design choices and further improve the final solution, faster.

We chose Osedea because of their expertise and Design approach. We also appreciated the way they continually strived to improve.

Sébastien from Vyv3 IT team

A unique and scalable platform

We’re proud to have been able to support Vyv3 through every step of the conceptualization and creation of their new platform, from defining user needs all the way to monitoring development. We proposed a complete and intelligent overhaul of their existing platform, addressing everything from user experience (ensuring users will have the easiest and quickest access to information) to visual identity (graphic design, illustrations, and iconography). Finally, we are currently designing a user management interface for accessing the platform... Because at Osedea, we’ve got a burning desire to do everything possible in order to deliver an exceptional product.

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Project details
UX and UI work for Vyv3 in 2021
Technologies used
  • Figma